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11 Sep

Why choose a rental room for your vacation in Kavala

Every day people are searching for accommodation for their vacations, having as options hotels and rental rooms.

Going out of our daily routine, being in a different and beautiful environment and having others to serve us is the epitome of summer vacation.

As we speak for vacations we have to mention that people are looking to book for accommodation the best option depending on the money that the have to spend.

rooms to let in the prefecture of Kavala

Why choose a Rental Room

The most common reasons that drive someone to book a rental room are:

  • Price
  • Better Location
  • Family Friendly
  • Private

Let’s look in more detail and analyze these top 4 reasons.

Low prices on Rental Rooms

Most of the times rental rooms are a cheaper solution than staying in a hotel. For example, in Kavala, a 4 person family can stay in a rental room at an average price of 80 euro per day. If the same family chose to book a hotel, they would pay at least 140 euros for 2 rooms. Imagine the fact that this family would stay in Kavala for their vacation at least 5 days, so the gap between the two options is 300 euros!

Better Location of rental Rooms

Fully equipped rented rooms in Kavala

Most of the people choose to rent a room in the center of a town or in the center of a vacation area in order to avoid travel in their car. If you choose a hotel resort most of the time, it is located outside of the city. If a hotel is located inside the city the price is way too high than usual or it is already booked in advance.

Family Friendly

Instead of cramming into a hotel room, vacation homes have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your time away. Many families enjoy staying in a rental room so much that they are excited to return to their temporary home after each day exploring the sites around Nea Peramos or Kavala.

Private Atmosphere

Hotels are crowded places. Every common area of a hotel is crammed with tourists, and it is difficult to relax. Going to the pool involves going down from your room, maneuvering the crowded lobby, and then dealing with the crowds around the pool. Relaxing in your room often entails hearing your neighbors through the thin hotel walls. Sunsetperamos rooms offer private rooms on a quiet residential street with a beautiful view.

rent rooms nea peramos

Rent a room at Sunset Peramos rooms

The Choice is Clear When you go over all of the facts, the choice is clear. Staying in a vacation rental home beats staying in a hotel room. SunsetPeramos offers the finest in vacation rental homes – rooms. 

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