activities in Kavala nea peramos
4 Jul

What activities to do in Nea Peramos, Kavala?

If you visit Nea Peramos Kavala and stay at SunsetPeramos rental rooms you can try plenty of activities near them.

Some of them are:

  • Ammolofoi beach
  • Visit ancient Oisimi
  • Walk to Nea Iraklitsa

Ammolofoi beach at Kavala

The first thing you can choose to explore in the area of Kavala is the magnificent beaches like Ammolofoi.

Only 5 minutes by car from our rooms for rent at Nea Peramos Kavala you can visit the famous Ammolofoi Beach.

ammolofoi kavalas peramos

Ammolofoi is the most famous beach in the area of Kavala. The Ammolofoi Beach looks like a tropical one but is located at Nea Peramos Kavala. The turquoise water and the long sandy beaches make the area ideal for swimming and relaxation. This image earns even the most demanding visitor from the first moment.

The breeze of the Sea during the Summer months creates a natural cooling throughout the area and helps to reduce high temperatures during the hot season at Kavala area.

On the beach of Ammolofoi, there are many Beach Bars offering a wide range of activities. Visitors can enjoy water sports or sand sports.

If he doesn’t want to do some sports he can simply relax and enjoy a drink at one of the Beach Bars as they have nothing to do with Halkidiki or the cosmopolitan islands of the Aegean and Ionian.

ammolofoi kavala

In every Beach Bar area, you can find parking spaces so you can park easily.

Late at noon, guests can choose to continue their fun at the Beach Bar, which continues to operate until the early hours of the day, usually organizing parties or having lunch at some of the many taverns to find in Nea Peramos and Nea Iraklitsa.

Visit ancient Oisimi

ancient oisimi nea peramos kavala

In the area before the dunes, there are some ancient ruins. There flourished one of the most ancient cities of Northern Greece, Aesimi, as it was called during the Homeric period, which later became Aesimi, built on the well-sheltered southwestern beach of the Gulf of Eleuthera, at the southern foothills of the Symbolic Mountains. At that time, it was called Bible Mountains, and the whole of the Book Country, where the famous Bible wine was produced in antiquity and today one of the most famous wines in Greece and beyond.

Vrasidas Beach

The location where Vrasida was killed is a verdant peninsula, which is adjacent to the ruins of ancient Oesim, in which the inhabitants, in their younger years, gave the name of the Spartan general: “Vrasida peninsula”. So they kept a piece of Peloponnesian War history alive in northern Greece.

As a visitor, you can walk the path of ancient Oisimi and later swim in the stunning beach of Vrasida with the turquoise waters. Vrasidas Beach is with Ammolofoi one of the best beaches at Kavala area. In the video below you can see the path

Walk to Nea Iraklitsa

Near our rental rooms ( 3 minutes with your car) is located Nea Iraklitsa. Nea Iraklitsa is a beautiful settlement by the sea. Nea Iraklitsa is a picturesque tourist resort 16 km from Kavala.


Nea Iraklitsa and Nea Peramos are the best and most popular holiday destinations at Kavala Area. In the morning and at noon you can swim in one of the many beach bars in the area and later have lunch in one of the many taverns around the harbor. Do not forget to try the traditional donuts in Nea Iraklitsa and the pedestrian walk you can have with the Sea at your side.